Now that our group has made a set decision on filming, editing and what movement we are using, we have spent the past two weeks rehearsing and filming for our final film. This process has been very challenging as a group, as we have spent the past two weeks trying to find the right camera angels for our film whilst continuing to develop our movement.

The dancers have spent hours this week on sharpening the pathways whilst continuing with the theme of linear. Also setting certain parts of the choreography by creating signals, which will then help the dancers when improvising the movement. Because the movement that has been set for the film is all improvised, it came to my attention that we should set certain movements and que’s which will then help the film run a lot smoother and the director can start picturing the film. Also we are still continuing with performing the movement even slower, so that when we edit the film we can speed the movement up creating a different effect which adds to the unexpectedness of the film.


  • continue with developing the movement further
  • The movement needs to be more dynamic and precise
  • On a whole the movement needs to be a lot bigger so that its clearer for the views when using long shots or above shots
  • Work on timing as not all dancers are together when performing the movement, some people aren’t counting correctly

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