This film that you’re about to see is our last chance of filming and receiving feedback before filming our final piece which we will be getting assessed on. As a group we have managed to bring our original ideas from the start of the process and try to build a relationship between our current findings of exploration in our new film.The film is exploring two different camera angels and we are still trying to find ways to create a relationship between them both with the movement. The movement  has been developed further and the dancers have spent a lot of time trying to find pathways to fill the negative space whilst continuing with the linear theme. We have also looked into costumes throughout this film, to try and create a unique effect and also to build some sort of story behind our piece.



Throughout the process we haven’t spent a lot of time as a group discussing costumes, as we have been focusing mostly on creating and developing movement and also capturing the right angels for the film. We have all come to the agreement that because we are dancing in heels, it would feel right to wear something feminine. Otherwise our piece wouldn’t make sense if we were dressed in gym wear, wearing heels?We came up with the idea of wearing dresses with tights then following heels. Also every dancers dress should be different for the film, as we wanted to show personal characters throughout the film. I think using this idea will help that idea come across to the audience after the dresses are so different.


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