Dancing in heels for film

Previously in our process of filming an exploring new ways to create unique movement in film, we have tried out performing our movement whilst heels. We didn’t spend much time on this area at the start of the process as we felt it wouldn’t work well with the movement that we had so far. But it was brought to our attention by peers and lecturers who are complete outsiders of the process, that we should bring back the idea and see if we can create some sort of story behind our film. After having several sessions rehearsing in our heels, as a group we have decided that we are now bringing the idea forward and creating our film wearing heels. This was a group decision as we all feel that because we are using the theme of ‘linear’ movement, wearing heels would help the performers maintain the style as wearing heels can restrict you from performing certain movements. As this a big change in the process the dancers have spent the majority of the rehearsal time the past two weeks finding ways to develop the movement further with heels. Because wearing heels can be extremely difficult and an effect your balance, we have slowed our movement down so that on film the movement looks clear and sharp and then when it comes to editing we can speed the movement up to create a different effect all together.

Since we have made this change I was spent a lot of time looking into dancing in heels and how it can change your movement dramatically just by having your foot lifted in a arch. I personally feel really restricted and don’t feel confident and thought id do some research an see if I can find any ways that can help me improve my technique and also my confidence.



Also its not just about being comfortable and confident in the shoes which you are dancing in, you have to make sure that your feet are strong enough for the continuous dancing in a high arch. I have found some helpful videos which will help strengthen your feet, so that you will be able to find more control and balance when wearing heels.






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