Our film was looked out from a guest lecture Alan

The feedback which we received back from our film,focused mostly on the camera angels which we have chosen to explore in this week of rehearsing process. The aim of this weeks filming was to try out new ideas which we think would be the most intriguing and interesting to watch the movement from. Also it gave one of our group members  who is editing our film a chance to explore an try new ways to capture the movement then edit.

  • Focus more on working with the lines of the gym floor. It will help your movement if you restrict yourself to a line..
  • How can you show the viewers what the relationship is between the movement performed and the lines.
  • CREATE A STORY BOARD, which will help everything become alot clearer (one dancer, cant touch the lines, one can go diagonal? by following the gym flooring of coloured lines)
  • How do you draw peoples attention?
  • Try the idea of starting with one movement then keeping adding throughout the film.
  • What is in the space at each moment and each clip
  • Add more Ariel shots.
  • Add in slowed down, close up shots, showing the contrast of sharp lines and body curves.
  • (Mary’s solo) make more of this solo, needs developing..
  • Think more into the dancers relationships (opening of eyes, noticing where you are in space, noticing each other throughout the movement being performed.
  • Look at the transitions into each of the solos when all performed in space.
  • Explore with the four different ideas and see what would work.
  • Make rules.

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