Filling the negative space

The aim of this weeks rehearsal process was to try new ideas and new ways of capturing our movement. After receiving feedback last week from a guest lecturer who has only recently become apart of the unit, we felt as a group that we need to explore more ways to capture the movement then edit the film. After a hard week of rehearsals we have managed to create two different films of the same movement but from different angles. We tried a new approach to see how the movement can effect you from different perspectives and in different areas of the space. We have still kept the theme of the ‘lines’ throughout both films and have spent the last week working on ways to develop the movement further. Due to having two dancers missing this week, the rest of the group took on different roles in solo’s and explored more ways to make the movement not only sharp but unpredictable. The two different camera angles that we have tried out this week, we felt have worked really well and we are happy where our film is going so far in the process.


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