Our film was looked out from a guest lecture and a complete outsider to our unit so far.

The feedback which we received back from our film which focused on the signalling section which involves straight arm and leg movement throughout. The feedback which we received wasn’t focused on the movement in the film but more about trying new angels and editing skills for the film.

  • Don’t be afraid to make the film more abstract
  • Find ways to convey images more
  • The directions in the choreography need to be clearer and stronger
  • Look more closely when filming, dancers aren’t always in the shot
  • Eliminate what doesn’t need to be there
  • Close ups of movement with background movement – how do we film that? setting up the shot, what are we seeing in the negative space
  • Add far away shots, add close shots
  • Slow down the counts for the phrase, then when editing speed the movement up? Try?
  • Birds eye view would look great in this particular film
  • Try creating circular space
  • Create lines and circles within movement and space

After receiving the feedback we then spent the rest of the session sharpening up the pathways which we create in the phrase. Making sure all the material looks sharp, clear and energetic…


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