Our film was looked out from a guest lecture and a complete outsider to our unit so far. The feedback … More

Developed Film

My group created a new film, which includes the original material that we have been working with since the process … More

Week 5, Task

Rehearsal process this week included teaching new group members the material and also developing one key movement from the material … More

Week 5

This session was spent developing movement for film and exploring ways to film and edit. This video is showing one … More


Todays aim was to decicde what pieces were going to be used for the final process. ‘Movement and Intention’ The feedback … More

Week 3

Whilst rehearsing and filming our film ‘Autumn’ I have spent some time thinking about the movement which was used for … More


My group created our own film exploring new ways to develop and perform the phrase which we created and developed … More

Week 2, 2nd session

Using the site to generate material We started today’s session by concentrating on getting into our own bodies and exploring … More


 in a group of three we were asked to cover the university campus capturing movement that was only allowed when … More

Week 1, first session

discussed the screen dance article ‘In and out of place:site based screen dance’. A lot of interesting opinions and points … More